VSauce is a small, easy to use, and fun discord bot for your community, friends, and almost anything else discord with tons of features like ones that show you memes, jokes, cats, dogs, ducks, and mos


Welcome to the VSauce documentation, this exists to explain the more complex features of the discord bot. If you discover any mistakes throughout this wiki, feel free to join our Discord server and let us know.

This wiki is still a large work in progress, and information may be missing or incomplete.

<> represents a required variable,

[] represents a optional variable,

Anything else is considered literal text.

About VSauce

Vsauce is a discord started in June 2018 by Luke#1000 in python after watching a bunch of "Vsauce but out of context" videos and wanting to make something to send a random quote from one of those videos but it has evolved to way more than just that. It originally started with really janky code that barely worked and was extremely in-efficient, but I soon after rewrote the bot and from there it's gained over 150 servers, and 40,000 users which is crazy! I never expected to have a project this large, Thank you all ❤.

I currently work on Vsauce whenever possible, as long as there is something to improve. If you have ideas for the bot you can join the Discord server and tell me.

If you want to support Vsauce you can up vote the bot here and here to help us get more users and to keep me wanting to work on this.